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Professional consultation and project management services for promising startups with hardware products in the mobile Internet/APP space. At Logistica Asia, we specialized in translating your prototype into a final product that is fully tested, manufacturable, certified and ready to launch onto the market. We understand that quality and speed-to-market are especially important for your product, and we are here to help ensure a successful launch for your product. In short, we turn your awesome idea into a reality for the masses.


Launch your brand with solid product quality


The shipment of a new product is both exciting and an important milestone for your business, and we can help ensure that your customers receive the exact user experience that you’ve spent so much hours designing, rather than encounter manufacturing defects due to inconsistent assembly.

From Prototype to Market

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You have developed a prototype for your products. Now you need to start and plan other agendas such as: prepare manufacturing specification; select a qualified manufacturer to work with; conduct a manufacturability analysis; spend time on wrangling schedule, cost, and quality control; different regulation and certification issues and requirements for different countries; deal with custom for product distribution; ramp-up production;…and the list goes on – just to get your product to market. We can make your life easier and take care of these things for you!

Manufacturing Support

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  • Regulatory Compliance: You’ve probably spent time researching whether your new product requires certification to meet governmental regulations for quality, safety, etc. We can help get your product tested, certified, and labeled in compliance with the regulations in the countries where you’ll be selling your products.
  • Import Logistics: You’ve set specific expectations with your new customers regarding product shipping schedules, and you have deadlines to meet for each customer. We can help your products are cleared through customs quickly and efficiently, so that you don’t add weeks of inspection and import compliance delays to your shipping schedule.

Plugged into Asia Market

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Winning In the Asia Market!

You have a product ready to launch to market? Want to sell in Asia? We understand Asia! We are here to help expand your market to Asia and achieve your dreamed double-digit growth.

Our offer on Product Development


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