No Project too Big, No Client too Small

Regardless the size of the project, we welcome any fun and creative projects and formulate boundary conditions with respect to schedule, project costs, features, quality and target costs for each of our clients.

Confidential Matters

We care for your confidentiality, contact us now to get an NDA from us to start the review process with our consultants.

Expand Your Market Reach with Us

Seeking to expand your market territory and sell products to customers in Asia? You have come to the right place. We will connect you with the right marketing channels (online and offline), and guide you through Asia to ensure your business success. Markets in Asia are diverse, depending on the maturity of its economy, the number of existing players in the market, its purchasing power, various trade barriers such as import duties and tax levies or well-structured free trade zones and agreements. To approach the Asian markets, one shall definitively look at the local customers’ purchasing behavior – each culture’s special way of decision making – and surely to its demand for the product in detail, to ensure business success. Logistica knows about these aspects and is offering knowledge to bring your product successfully into Asia markets. Contact us today to tap your product into Asia marketplace with local touch.

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