Hardware Acceleration Program (HAP)

We incubate your dream by working each step of the way with you!

This Program was inspired after observation on crowdfunding platforms. Many hardware startups brought their dreams to platforms seeking to raise the money they need quickly and often were hammered by various restrictions, project guidelines, and insufficient fund to develop a prototype. Hardware startups have more rules to comply than said an artist.

Hardware designers will need to prove their work of concept. Besides of making a slick video, producing CAD drawings, often will need to develop prototype that is close to visually pleased. Great ideas were killed if it doesn’t have a nice outfit to dress up with. With our resources, we want to facilitate ideas to actual product and accelerate the creation of innovative hardware projects.

Dedicated team – Logistica Asia – to help you in making business out of an idea!


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Logistica Asia is the execution team to undertake the “Hardware Acceleration Program” of TMI holding. The team is situated in Taiwan, the heart of global IT ODM service. In this program, we target to incubate hardware startups by helping on DFM, mass production, logistic, and distributions in Asia.

Crowdfunding platform might resolve your financing troubles. But insufficient robust support network and getting a large enough focus group in which to test out an idea and receive feedback could be equally difficult and stressful. Just because you knock it out of the park with crowdfunding, doesn’t mean it can be properly manufactured and scaled.

Logistica Asia Platform Business Model


DFM (Design for Manufacturing) Services

There are a lot more work to be done getting projects to market. Skooks Pong, of Synapse Product Development says “When it comes to hardware, product development experts will tell you that the biggest challenge isn’t fundraising, but actually developing the product at scale and seeing it through to market.”

Indeed, getting a prototype to mass production can be an enormous challenge. It needs help of experienced engineers, manufacturers, quality audit experts to make everything work well. Some entrepreneurs had no idea what they were getting themselves into in post-crowdfunded stage. Backers, you customers, expect to receive a fully functional consumer products. The failure of over 75% of hardware and product design projects makes clear that reality is much different!

To assist you in having a smoother ride on project development, Logisitca Asia

  • connects you with experienced industry manufactures
  • sourcing components from qualified vendors
  • project management service in balance between factories and startups
  • working capital sharing
  • logistic and distribution management

From crowdfunding platform to retail shelves in Asia markets!

You’ve got an awesome idea and have your project successfully funded on a crowdfunding platform. Retailers often need more concrete prospects than it’s a successful funded project on platform, such as Kickstarter. They need to know the product has enough market traction to scale and become successful. We are here to assist you in accessing and tap into Asia markets.

A successful Kickstarter campaigner, Nathan Rothstein of Project Repat says, “Kickstarter alone can’t give you enough runways to get airborne. Anyone can make a popular crowdfunding video. The real test becomes: can you fulfill your funders in a timely manner and turn them into brand evangelists? If not, you’ll just have a nice Kickstarter video, with no customers.”

To scale up your product and in making ideas into a business, Logistica Asia provides

  • Promotion, marketing and resale
  • Local regulation and customs management

Last but not least, the Capitals!

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo certainly generate a lot of buzz and attract lots of campaigners. But how do you really turn your idea into business is where we step in for help!

TMI itself consolidated the capitals from Beijing, Taiwan and US. And, among those investors and the networks represented, most of them are continuously seeking for the investment opportunities to invest into this new trend. Hardware Acceleration Program already endorsed by several investors now.  With TMI’s resource we welcome all innovative and creative mobile or internet related hardware projects. Once we screened and accepted your project, we will ally funding from Asia capitals for you so that you could go further with your idea.

Get in touch with us when you are ready to become a business!

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